This site is a spin off from the Specialist Upholstery Company where we have been providing a trimming service for P1800’s for over 25 years. During that time I have provided many interiors for top show winning P1800’s and part interiors for countless others. Over the last few years the P1800 part of the business has grown and expanded to include, light restoration work, detailing and assembly work on these vehicles.


As a result of this expansion I decided to put together a dedicated site where our services for the classic Volvo P1800 can be showcased.  As well as providing trim and restoration for these vehicles, I have been an owner of an 1800E since the early 80’s and consider myself an enthusiast of the first order. In the future I plan to include a “Hints & Tips” page on the website where we can share our extensive experience of working on these vehicles. For now, please look around and see the quality of our work on the complete range of Volvo P1800 models from the earliest Jensen built cars to the final ES models.


If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project and how we can help you to move it forward..





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The Saint The original ST 1  (71 DXC)

Yes one of the original cars from the TV series. View this recently completed project to restore to original condition the interior on this Jensen built 1800. The car was recently unveiled at the NEC this November.

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Volvo P1800 Complete Restoration


Classic Volvo 1800 S coupe restoration project.

What our clients say?


"Thank you for supplying new trim for my Volvo P1800. I was able to fit it without any trouble. P.S. First show - won first prize for best interior." - JMC, Aberdeen, Scotland 


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